Unsustainable governmental debt levels, a global currency devaluation war, unpredictable markets, and lack of respect towards real money.

The concerned investor is fully aware of these issues yet has limited, comprehensive options at their disposal. But what if there was an investment vehicle where you could actively participate in “safe-and-sound money”, while diversifying internationally and in full compliance with regulations that apply to US investors?

The Sound Money Annuity™ is a turnkey service provided by BFI granting international investors exclusive access to a personally tailored solution that combines the benefits of a deferred variable annuity and a professionally managed portfolio invested in “sound money”.

Risk management is a key element to the protective nature of the investment’s approach. The Sound Money portfolio includes physical precious metals safely stored inSwitzerland, with access to gold, silver, platinum and palladium, as well as an actively managed exposure to strong international currencies.


  • Flexible participation in the returns of precious metals

  • Hedge against inflation and currency devaluation

  • Tax-deferred growth of investments

  • Secure life or fixed-term income stream

  • Can be funded via 1035 exchange of US annuities

  • Direct inheritance – not part of probate

Annuity Specifications

  • Single premium: min. US$ 500,000

  • Add-on premiums possible at any time, min. US$ 50’000 per add-on

  • Full or partial surrenders possible at any time

  • After a deferral period, annuities can be paid for a fixed-term or for life.

  • No medical required


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