ONE Trust is a complete solution for US investors who want to diversify their wealth offshore without complexity and high cost. Get ONE Trust access to planning benefits and investment strategies generally restricted to ultra-high net worth individuals... and lock out lawsuit predatorsand the risk of asset seizures.


The Trend - why you need ONE Trust

You have worked hard for what you have. But a line of hazards are waiting to trip up anyone who wants to build or preserve even modest wealth. And, unfortunately, the current trend is not your friend. Sovereign debt and deficits keep growing. The implications are quite clear and dismal: more taxes, more economic hardship, more financial repression and a growing risk of political turmoil.

You’ve probably noticed that the dangers to personal wealth are gradually getting worse. Income tax, lawsuits, no-warning seizures and volatile markets – these are enough by themselves to signal that wealth needs protecting. But there are still other hazards. The long-term trend keeps moving toward less stability in the economy and less respect for the wealth that people have worked to build.

If you think the answer for you and your family lies in diversifying internationally, you’re on the right track. But without the right help, internationalizing your financial life can turn into an exercise in frustration.

Jurisdictional diversification demystified - there still is a way

​It used to be easy, but no longer. In the past few years, most banks, brokers and insurance companies around the world have learned that doing business with Americans just isn’t worth the trouble. They dread getting caught in the U.S. government’s tax and regulatory machinery. So they routinely turn Americans away. Unless you know where to go and how to present yourself, all you’ll find is an UNWELCOME mat.

Therefore, today, offshore planning is generally perceived as a complex and expensive endeavor. In fact, most US financial advisors, accountants and tax attorneys are not familiar with the options and benefits available offshore and they tend to advise against doing anything outside of the US borders. Not good advice!

AT BFI we have been showing the way to financial safety for over two decades, by helping investors protect their wealth through lawful international planning. Recently we began offering a solution that is far more powerful than just moving assets offshore. It’s a thorough solution… and we’ve made it easy to use. It’s ONE Trust.

‘ONE’ stands for “Offshore Nest Egg”. More importantly, however, ‘ONE’ reflects the basic vision and spirit under which this unique solution was created, namely to demystify and simplify jurisdictional diversification for Americans.

All the benefits in ONE convenient solution - ONE is all you need

With ONE Trust, we can offer you a solution that is far more powerful than just moving assets offshore. It’s a thorough solution… and we’ve made it easy to use. It’s ONE Trust.

With ONE Trust, you can quickly and conveniently:

  • Get the safety of a solid offshore structure - based on the overall structure of the ONE Trust, it is walled off from lawsuit “entrepreneurs,” and it’s beyond the reach of lightning seizures by government agencies.

  • Get access to a flexible and internationally diversified portfolio - multiple currencies, multiple markets, deeper diversification, even real assets and precious metals, physically allocated and stored in safe jurisdictions.

  • Get direct access to investment management expertise - and to specialized strategies and funds usually reserved for ultra-high net worth individuals only.

  • Get tax-deferred compounding - grow your investment portfolio without the friction of capital gains taxes and income taxes, and without such tax-related impediments as passive foreign invesment company (PFIC) rules.

  • Get a door-opening invitation - to international financial institutions that will welcome your business even though you’re an American.

  • Get maximum convenience - We’ve done all the preparatory work for you – building relationships with the right banks, brokers, insurance companies and trust company – developing the legal structures and documents for solid protection – double-reviewing and checking everything with lawyers and accountants in every jurisdiction your ONE Trust will touch – identifying asset managers who understand how fragile today’s economic environment really is.

ONE Trust pulls together all the pieces needed for real safety. And BFI adds the convenience of concierge service. We know what convenience means. We know what full service means. We know you don’t want headaches. And we know you want to get the job done at a reasonable cost.The comfort and tranquility of having us as your partner and one-stop access point overseas will save you much time, money and worries.

ONE Trust isn’t just an idea. It is ready now, with a minimum investment of $250,000. And ONE Trust is a permanent, complete solution.

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