The Perth Mint Certificate, (PMCP) is a flexible precious metals program offering unallocated and allocated metals storage options for gold and silver. The Perth Mint allows you to buy and sell metals in their Certificate Program through select global network of Approved Dealers, of which BFI Consulting is the lone dealer in continental Europe.

The Perth Mint is based in Western Australia and through their more than 100 years experience in dealing with precious metals, their liabilities are guaranteed by the government of Western Australia. Although the Program offers an allocated storage option, it is probably best known for its “unallocated option”, which conveys all benefits of precious metals ownership without the logistics and storage costs associated with physical bullion. The unallocated metals can be converted into allocated upon request and at the then applicable fabrication costs.

Program Highlights:

  • Low minimum purchase requirements (US$ 10,000)

  • Low per certificate fees

  • No storage fees of fabrication costs for unallocated precious metals

  • The precious metals are insured at The Perth Mint's expense by Lloyd's of London.

  • Certificate guaranteed by the Western Australian Government


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