The ownership of physical gold and silver is perceived as a personal insurance against potential troubles in the financial or banking systems. Investors worldwide more and more continue to include precious metals as part of their portfolios. They look for direct and unencumbered ownership stored in the safest jurisdictions in the world while remaining readily available for delivery. Having metals is important, but having them in the right place can prove to be paramount.

Global Gold offers private and institutional investors a safe, convenient and attractive way of buying, selling, storing and/or delivering a variety of physically allocated gold, silver, platinum and palladium bullion coins and bars. All of this is done from within the secure confines of high-security vaults in Switzerland, as well as a few other select international jurisdictions.

Global Gold Highlights:

  • Non-banking solution. It is not dependent on the functioning of stock exchanges or banks.

  • Direct and unencumbered ownership, free of cash settlement clauses. You own the physical metals and they are available for delivery at all times.

  • Metals stored at Global Gold are insured for replacement, and not for cash value only.

  • Triple-A high security vaults for secure storage of the metals

  • Availability of different types of storage options

  • Transaction facilitation: Buys, sells, deliveries from and in-kind transfers into the Program

  • Low minimum purchase requirement: CHF 50,000, CHF 20,000 for subsequent purchases

  • Key Box Storage for bullion bars and coins, numismatics, semi-numismatics

BFI Consulting, as Global Gold sister company and main Program Partner, facilitates all application and transaction process with Global Gold. We support our clients with being accepted into Global Gold, all transactional needs, and then maintenance and up-keep moving forward. All funds are sent to and from Global Gold directly. Deliveries from Global Gold and in-kind transfers into the Program are coordinated by us, but the metals are delivered or transported directly to and from Global Gold.


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