What is PPLI and PPVA? How does it work. And why is it used?

​Learn more about the nuts & bolts, the benefits, and the caveats of PPLI. This collection of video clips covers a relaxed interview conducted by Scott Schamber, Senior Advisor and Director of BFI’s Relationship Management & Communications, and Frank Suess, our group’s Chairman and CEO.

Using PPLI Contractual structure

​Contrary to legal entities, such as LLCs or foundations, a PPLI or PPVA policy is a legal contract, which falls under the rules as they exist on the date of inception of the contract between the policyholder and the life insurance carrier. Such contracts, as the rules and tax laws change, are traditionally grand-fathered into the original rules applicable at inception, thus making life insurance based planning an excellent long-term, even generational planning tool.

Does privacy still exist?

​Is privacy dead? Has the drive for citizen transparency by governments worldwide destroyed privacy and the formerly iron-clad banking secrecy of Switzerland? Listen to Frank‘s differentiated and interesting response to these questions.

Offshore planning is all about risk management and preparation

​The main reasons for offshore planning today, more than ever, is safety. The reasons for American’s to protect at least part of their wealth from America’s litigation culture and accelerating wealth transfer policies via jurisdictional diversification, is very much needed today. Possibly, with the scale of current fiscal and monetary imbalances in mind, more than ever.

Is offshore legal?

​The media has done a good job at creating the perception that safekeeping and investing your wealth offshore is somehow illegal or at least morally wrong. Nothing could be further from the truth. Millions of Americans live outside of the US. The keep and invest their assets internationally, as they wish. Americans living in the US are not subject to any different rules, at least not yet…

Ownership of precious metals in PPLI

​Can I invest in precious metals, even physically allocated precious metals, within a PPLI policy? At BFI, we get this question frequently from investors looking to allocate part of their assets in gold as a hedge against the current “global currency wars”. The answer to the question is a simple and straight-forward YES.