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AltAlpha Digital

Digital assets / crypto fund of funds - participating in a prudent and diversified way

We and our clients want to participate in the new and promising field of digital assets in a prudent and diversified manner. We created a curated fund of funds providing access to hard-to-get liquid crypto trading and hedge fund strategies. We diversify our underlying investment across managers, strategies, and investment themes to create a holistic portfolio. We scan the global fund landscape and leverage our personal network, scouting for the best talent and most effective strategies in the industry.

The Investment Committee

The Investment Committee is composed of a group of entrepreneurs with a long and successful track record in traditional finance, technology and the new and evolving world of digital assets.

- Partner & CIO at BFI Infinity

- 15 years as Independent Asset Manager

- Founder of 2 Infrastructure and Real Estate Management Firms

- MSc Technical University of Berlin

- Founder & Chairman of BFI Capital Group, BFI Consulting, BFI Infinity, BFI Bullion and aXedras (blockchain startup)

- Management Consulting at Accenture and PwC

- MBA Berkeley

- Partner Alternative Investments at BFI Consulting

- Sales & Business Development at Google and Facebook

- Explored blockchain in 2016

- MA University of St. Gallen

- CAIA Charterholder

- Board Member at Maximon, Swiss Blockchain Federation, CfC St. Moritz and Longevity Investors

- Explored Bitcoin in 2012 and involved in crypto quants since 2018

- Serial Tech Entrepreneur with three own Exits

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The Emerging World of Digital Assets - Why and How to Participate. Bitcoin and some of the actively managed crypto strategies have been among the best performing investments. What are the relevant risks and opportunities in this rapidly expanding new market? 

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