Your trusted pillar and ally for international wealth diversification strategies


Our service proposition is best compared to that of an architect or general contractor. We help you understand the options, help you design a plan and then facilitate and coordinate the implementation for you.


From the very beginning, our firm's founders have been dedicated to delivering services that would help our international clients with their aspirations of multi-jurisdictional wealth diversification. Today, we are a trusted ally and the advisor of choice for a continually growing number of wealthy families, entrepreneurs, and investors around the globe. ​Our role is to help them establish and maintain their offshore financial fortress in the safest, most convenient, profitable and compliant manner possible.


Ultimately, our dedication is to provide a comprehensive service that integrates the following essential cornerstones:

•    Jurisdictional and institutional safety
•    Solid asset protection from creditors and plaintiffs
•    Unrestricted and flexible access to global investments
•    Tax efficiency and compliance
•    Trust, convenience and tranquility founded in a long-term relationship

How do I protect myself from frivolous lawsuits and other “wealth predators”? How do I protect wealth offshore and grow it in a safe and sustainable way? How do I ensure that my heirs benefit from what I have built? How do I minimize future tax burdens? How can I achieve all that in compliance with the regulations? These questions need to be answered. These are the kinds of questions we deal with on a daily basis.



Typically, offshore planning is presented and perceived as a highly complex and expensive endeavor. However, over the years, we have learned one thing: Simple is better! 


BFI has developed the expertise and the required network – corporate trustees, attorneys, banks, insurance companies, and investment managers – to create and offer a package of turnkey solutions that meet the needs of most investors looking to set up an "offshore nestegg". These turn-key services may address your particular needs and objectives entirely, or they can be employed as an important "plug-and-play" module within your overall estate plan.  

ONE Trust

Are you a US taxpayer looking to diversify your wealth internationally? Are you seeking access to global investment opportunities and an offshore structure that is safe, low-cost, tax-efficient and compliant? And do you want it all to be simple and flexible? ONE Trust may well be all you've looked for, and all you need. Your Offshore Nest Egg needn't be complex. And it should not be a headache!

V.I.P. Select

More and more wealthy families and investors understand the unique benefits of long-term cross-border planning solutions that are based on the principles of Private Placement Life Insurance (PPLI). Under V.I.P. Select, BFI offers an integrated package of advisory and administration services that combine the structural benefits of PPLI with Swiss-style private banking and investing. 

Precious Metals

Owning physical gold and other precious metals is easy, but owning them the RIGHT WAY, safely and for the long term, is where it gets tricky! We help you select the service that is right for you. We act as your advisor and broker, and afford access to a variety of first-class international solutions that operate outside the paper-based global financial system, or simply outside the box of conventional methods.


Before investing internationally and thinking of asset allocation and strategy, it is important for you to consider the optimal structural setup from which to invest from. Jurisdictional diversification needs to start with a keen eye for the proper structure. The element of safety is paramount and needs to be secured at various levels – jurisdictional, institutional, structural, procedural, contractual and legal. It’s not a trivial, do-it-yourself affair. Proper guidance and professional advice is crucial.


Today, a number of critical trends and issues, including such so-called “mega-trends” related to global demographics, climate change and oil peak, certainly warrant your due consideration. However, the number one issue we face on a global scale today is debt. The past decades of “cheap money” have resulted in fiscal and monetary imbalances that make for a formidable enemy of freedom, wealth and prosperity. The risks and implications of the ongoing debt crises in some of the major economic regions, namely America, the United Kingdom, Europe and Japan, are severe and imminent enough to deserve serious attention. 


Offshore planning is not merely about taxes. It’s primarily about safety and asset protection. In light of current big picture realities, risk management and wealth preservation should be at the very top of your priorities. 


At BFI, we are dedicated to one mission: to protect and grow what is rightfully yours. Everything we do revolves around that objective; it is what we are in business for and exactly why we do it.



BFI Consulting is the wealth planning and advisory arm of BFI Capital Group, a family-owned Swiss holding company that has, via its subsidiaries and affiliated companies, successfully offered a unique array of premium wealth management services to private and institutional clients since 1991.


Our success is firmly anchored in our independence, our integrity and our consistent delivery of dependable service. We cherish the opportunity of serving the interests of those who value the privilege and power of truly independent advice. We are not tied or obligated to any single institution or partner. This independence is core to our values. It allows us to talk openly, in line with our convictions, and to offer creative solutions based on objective advice.



Frank R. Suess


Frank R. Suess is widely recognized for his capacity in the realm of comprehensive wealth management solutions. An advocate of free-market principles, Mr. Suess regularly speaks and writes on global economic, geo-political and financial matters. Prior to his heading up BFI, he held a senior management position with Price Waterhouse, working as a strategic and operational management consultant to a number of international corporations. Mr. Suess holds an MBA from the Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley and a Bachelor´s degree in Finance from Saint Mary´s College.

Bernarda Pesantez

Managing Director

Bernarda Pesantez worked for a Swiss private bank prior to joining BFI in 2000. During her tenure she has gained profound experience in trust and estate planning as well as regulatory considerations. Mrs. Pesantez holds a Bachelor’s degree from the Equinoctial Technological University of Ecuador. She also holds a Trust and Estate Practitioners qualification (TEP) and is a member of the Swiss branch of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners.

Dirk Steinhoff

Chief Investment Officer

Dirk Steinhoff acted as an independent asset manager for over 15 years prior to joining BFI in 2007. Furthermore, he successfully founded and built two companies in the realm of infrastructure and real estate management. Mr. Steinhoff holds a Master´s degree in Civil Engineering and Business Administration from the Technical University of Berlin.

Scott Schamber

Director Client Services & Communications

Scott Schamber worked as a supervisor for a large US insurance company prior to joining BFI in 2002. He is the editor of Mountain Vision, BFI’s online newsletter and responsible for organizing and marketing BFI’s conferences. Mr. Schamber holds a Bachelor´s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

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In view of the speed at which events take place in the realm of international investments, a key element of financial services is timely and relevant information. Mountain Vision, our financial newsletter, aims at providing a mix of hard facts, contradictory opinion, unbiased analysis and a bit of fun.


Since 1993, BFI periodically organizes exclusive wealth management seminars that provide unique information and hands-on training on first-class international wealth preservation and estate planning techniques for affluent and high net-worth investors.


Our annual BFI Wealth Forum is a event where clients, contacts, partners and prospects come together for the chance to hear more about our latest solutions, investment opinions, and planning options. We discuss the very services you’ve read about, but provide a hands-on opportunity to meet the very people that make the decisions and help you to leave with an actionable plan.