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AltAlpha Strategies

Investing in alternatives with an access-enhanced and
risk-adjusted approach.

AltAlpha Strategies is our effort to provide innovative and effective alternative investment strategies and advisory services that are suitable for the challenges and opportunities of a rapidly changing big picture - a new era of investing. 

As part of our AltAlpha offering, we have launched three collective investment strategies for institutional and professional investors who are interested in co-investing with us:

  • AltAlpha Digital Fund
    We, as well as many of our clients, were looking for a prudent, smart, and diversified way to participate in the promising field of digital assets. Therefore, we created AltAlpha Digital, a bankable solution in the form of a curated fund of funds, providing access to hard-to-get liquid crypto trading and hedge fund strategies within an institutional grade setup. To this end, we diversify our underlying investment across managers, strategies, and investment themes to create a holistic portfolio, while offering much-needed downside protection. Our allocations include, but are not limited to, payment infrastructure, decentralized finance, gaming, NFT infrastructure, sports entertainment, blockchain interoperability, and infrastructure. This strategy acts as a “liquid venture capital” vehicle for a vital investment allocation in the new era.
  • AltAlpha Integrity Gold Fund
    The oldest and most time-tested form of sound money, gold, should be considered a key foundational element to every portfolio. The AltAlpha Integrity Gold Fund sets new standards in the realm of bankable, gold-backed funds. Next to being a highly cost-efficient investment in physically allocated gold, the fund expresses an uncomprimising dedication to product integrity. Investors may at any time request physical delivery of their gold (in-kind redemptions) without the fabrication delays or costs found in other similar products. Product sourcing is arranged with the objective of supporting the circular economy by acquiring gold that is produced exclusively from European, ESG-compliant, and CO2-footprint optimized gold. The Fund offers complete inventory transparency, allowing investors to confirm the integrity of the offering; each bar‘s identity and background information is available online. The Bullion Integrity Ledger™, a decentralized ledger provided by aXedras Group, a Swiss technology firm recognized as a product integrity database by the precious metals industry, is used to ensure product integrity and transparency.
  • AltAlpha All-Weather Fund
    Given global macro and monetary developments, we no longer felt at ease investing larger amounts of our clients and own money in the fixed income market and needed an alternative. All-Weather was developed as a multi-strategy approach, which has been battle tested for years, by investing in a curated selection of traditional finance hedge funds, uncorrelated to the market, with the aim to deliver strong single digit returns at low volatility levels. This strategy acts as a solid cornerstone investment in any portfolio.

The Emerging World of Digital Assets - Why and How to Participate. Bitcoin and some of the actively managed crypto strategies have been among the best performing investments. What are the relevant risks and opportunities in this rapidly expanding new market? 

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